Texas Field Notes

Texas Field Notes Oct-2018

Texas Field Notes (TFN) is a free quarterly “e-journal” about wildlife and wild places in Texas. We write about our travels and when possible there are contributions from others such as Andrew Brinker’s article in the October, 2018 issue, describing the turtle survey he and his students are doing in the Trinity River. You can download the current issue of TFN from the link below, or read it at the Issuu site.

(Click to download): Texas Field Notes Oct-2018 – The Oasis at the Bottom of Texas; Up Against the Wall: Three Species Vie for Survival in the Rio Grande Floodplain; Trinity River Turtle Survey; Bucket List Places (Sabal Palms Sanctuary)

Texas Field Notes Jul-2018

(Click to download): Texas Field Notes Jul-2018 – The Reptiles & Amphibians of Palo Pinto Mountains State Park – A Pre-Development Survey; Challenge Accepted – At the Southwest Nature Preserve; Storms, Herps, & Insects in Late May on the Rolling Plains; What Good Are Snakes?; Bucket List Places (Matador WMA)

The first issue of TFN appeared in 2003 and a few others followed, but it was in April, 2010 that Clint joined Michael in writing an issue of TFN, beginning a long and productive partnership. Our purpose was to share our travels across the state looking for herps and get readers “hooked” on the experience of being out there in those wonderful places and seeing amazing wildlife. TFN is a companion to The Great Rattlesnake Highway blog. The goal continues to be this – get out there, experience all you can, and treasure the natural world like a beloved member of your family.

I hope you will read it, share it with others, encourage groups such as scouts or schools to use it in their natural history studies, and I really hope that you will let us know (via the contact form at this website or by emailing texasfieldnotes@gmail.com) what you think about each issue.