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The Great Rattlesnake Highway currently reflects the thoughts, experiences, and opinions of Michael Smith and Viviana Ricardez. Michael has been interested in herpetology and natural history for many years and has been an officer in herpetological societies and other organizations. While his academic training and employment is in psychology, herpetology is like a second career.

Viviana Ricardez joined the blog as a contributor in December, 2018. She has spent much time in the field herping, and she is particularly interested in turtles. Viviana helps administer the “Texas Turtles” Facebook page and is active in several surveys of native Texas turtles.

This blog also features the previous contributions of Clint King. For a number of years, Michael and Clint spent time in the field together, wrote articles, and eventually published a book, Herping Texas: The Quest for Reptiles and Amphibians (2018, Texas A&M University Press).

What’s with the name, “Great Rattlesnake Highway?” It represents that endless road we follow that leads to the wildlife and wild places in Texas and the surrounding states. The rattlesnake is used here as an icon of the natural world. Rattlesnakes are adapted in hundreds of ingenious ways for surviving in a variety of landscapes, and they inspire respect and admiration from many of us. We keep walking and driving the Great Rattlesnake Highway, always looking forward to what’s over the horizon.

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