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The Great Rattlesnake Highway is that endless road we follow, that leads to the wildlife and wild places in Texas and the surrounding states. For us, the rattlesnake is an icon for all those experiences with reptiles and other animals. Rattlesnakes are adapted in hundreds of ingenious ways for surviving in a variety of landscapes, and they inspire respect and admiration from many of us. The Great Rattlesnake Highway is a road that we have been walking and driving for many years, always looking forward to what’s over the horizon.

This blog is written by Michael Smith and Clint King. For a number of years, we published an e-publication called Texas Field Notes, and we have given lots of talks and led numerous field trips in search of reptiles and amphibians. Michael was a co-founder of the DFW Herpetological Society, and both of us have served as officers in that organization. We were also active with Crosstimbers Connection, a nonprofit organization that connected people with nature in north Texas. Our book is scheduled for publication later this year.

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